Ships Sailed On

British Soverign M.V. British Empress Apprentice Sept. 1958 to March 1959 Many trips to Scandinavia and GrangeMouth. One trip through Suez Canal to Abadan.
S.S. British Justice Apprentice March 1959 to Feb. 1960 Two consecutive trips to the Persian Gulf via Cape Town. Two trips to Tripoli, Lebanon.
British Sovereign, Soot Blowing S.S. British Sovereign Junior Engineer March 1960 to Nov. 1960 Numerous trips to the Persian Gulf, Aden, Bombay. Two trips to Kwinana, Australia.
S.S. British Light Junior Engineer Jan. 1961 to June 1961 Trips between the Persian Gulf and the UK. Drydocked at Falmouth
Me in engine room S.S. British Light Fourth Engineer June 1961 to Nov. 1961 Persian Gulf, USA, South America and Teneriffe.

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