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In 1952, the then British Tanker Company, the Marine Transportation Division of BP Oil Company, decided to implement the alternative system scheme for marine engineers. Prior to this, the marine engineering officers entered the marine engineering field after completeing apprenticeships at heavy engineering or ship-building companies. This new system was developed to give a more specific background that would create engineers with a solid grounding in the basics of a sea-going engineer.

Since the website started in September 2001, I have been accumulating the names of ex-Marine Engineering Apprentices. To date I have contacted over 400, and have a list of 2250 more, with a little information on each person. This includes all engineering apprentices from 1952 to 1959 and many in the other years up to 1981 and beyond.  

Two years after starting this website, I began collecting information for ALL crewmembers (Deck, Engineering and Catering) of BP tankers, currently 625 personnel and 328 vessels. Basic information is name, rank, vessels and approx. joining/leaving dates. Crew who provide this information will be able to email me to receive a copy of BPTC personnel and vessels. If you are interested, please contact me!

NOTE: if you do not want you information released to other BP personnel, please let me know.

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