The Marine Society out of London, England. A great Merchant Navy resource.

The Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Institute of Marine Engineers

South Tyneside College where my fellow apprentice Keith Collins lectured in Marine Engineering until 1999

Paul Carl - A friend of mine who is a former Canadian CoastGuard Sailor

Merchant Navy Nostalgia - Run by Ian Coombe, an ex-Merchant Navy Radio Officer (VE2DOH). An excellent site, great photographs!

Merchant Navy Officers - Run by Fred Waddington, An ex-Townsend Thorensen Engineering Officer.

A Merchant Navy site for connecting all personnel, ranks and companies for the British Merchant Navy

Veterans Rendezvous site for finding other members of any service

British India Shipping Company

Irish Admiralty Topics - a site maintained by John Wilde Crosbie

Martin Graaskov's Site which contains pictures and information about life on a BP tanker

Friend-Ships is a sailors reunion site, with over 3,500 crew and passengers listed as far back as WWII.

Ship search for latest positions of vessels. A neat way to find BP tankers.

David Carpenter's ('Rivet' in Shipsnostalgia) website. He has written "Dockland Apprentice", a book about his experiences as a apprentice marine engineer.

The Radio Officers’ Association

Royal Canadian Navy Technical Apprentices